We are a local, family-owned specialty coffee roaster based in Boulder, Colorado with strong family origins in Italy and Brazil. True to the family name of Di Bonaventura, Italian for "good fortune", our family has cultivated a passion towards local agriculture since the late 1800s. After World War II, the Bona family moved to Brazil where a love of coffee, its production, and the art of roasting became a focal point. Andre, owner and CEO of Bona Coffee Roasters, decided to expand the family's frontiers by bringing his expertise of specialty coffee to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 
As an adventurous and global family, we believe that coffee is more than a morning ritual or an afternoon pick-me-up. Coffee can bring together different communities, cultures, and conversations by taking part in one great experience. We believe in sharing our cultures, exchanging experiences, and bringing people closer together: a blend of flavors and stories over a cup of coffee.
Here at Bona Coffee Roasters, our goal is to facilitate this experience by selecting the best coffee from all around the world; roasting with passion and an eye for detail; and by using the most innovative and sustainable technology available. We source our beans directly from farmers and partners, establishing a friendship that goes well beyond coffee, because ultimately, we believe coffee is for the whole community and can change lives. 
No matter where you?re from or where you?re going, we wish you good fortune and promise to serve you the highest quality and the freshest cup. 
Welcome to the Bona Coffee Roasters? family!