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Edgar and his family interplanted this coffee with several native shade trees: 21 gravilea trees provide the perfect cover for the cool nights; 15 Chalum trees (Inga micheliana), being a legume, help reintegrate the soil; 10 avocado trees add sustainability and diversification to the plot, and iizote is planted on the edges for erosion control. Edgar is a coffee craftsman and his coffee reflects the knowledge, hard work, and passion that he has for it.


Origin: Guatemala, Atitlan Volcano

Producer: Edgar Rene Cosigua

Variety: Caturra

Process: Fermented

Growing Conditions: 1,800 masl


Notes: Sweet and juicy coffee with floral aroma and tasting notes of star fruit and brown sugar. (Direct Trade) (Microlot) 

Guatemala Volcano

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