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Joscelino Meneguetti, Brazil

Origin: Brazil, Espirito Santo - Sitio Rancho Dantas

Producer: Joscelino Meneguetti & Leidiomar Meneguetti

Growing Conditions: 1100masl

Variety: Yellow Caturra

Process: Washed


Notes: Sweet coffee with caramel and chocolate notes. This hand-picked coffee has good acidity and a buttermilk aftertaste. 


About: Joscelino proudly runs his farm together with his son Leidiomar. Tucked away cold mountainous part of Espirito Santo state, their coffee is surrounded by thick forest, creating for more humidity and a cooler climate. This helps to slow down maturation and produce a particularly higher acid coffee with crisp notes.

The farm is small, 6 hectares of coffee, but the processing is pristine. Once picked, the coffee is hand pulped and wash fermented in a tile box for 24 hours. Then the coffee is dried on raised beds for approximately 18 days.


(Microlot) (Direct Trade)

Joscelino Meneguetti, Brazil