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Kalita Wave + Server (FREE Yirgacheffe)

Free YIRGACHEFE with your perfect KALITA pour over kit.



  • YIRGACHEFFE: Exotic floral coffee with hints of honey and cherry. This coffee has good acidity, rich body and makes the brewing process a ritual! Impossible not to fall in love with it. 

Origin: Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Growing Conditions: 1,780 - 1,870 masl


  • KALITA GLASS SERVER: Beautiful coffee or tea server made from straight-sided, heat-resistant, tempered glass. Keep it warm on the stove or set it on the table to serve immediately. Each server comes with a molded plastic lid to keep the coffee hotter, longer. Kalita Glass Servers are durable and dishwasher safe.

Size: 500ml


  • KALITA WAVE 185: This stainless steel Kalita Wave 185 dripper is ideal for brewing 16-26 oz of flavorful, full-bodied coffee. Designed with a flat-bottomed coffee bed, three small extraction holes, and a patented wave filter, the Kalita Wave dripper pulls a rich, evenly extracted cup.

Kalita Wave + Server (FREE Yirgacheffe)

  • If you would like your coffee to be ground, you can add a request on the checkout page.