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Obatã: Brazilian unique and rare variety, developed at the IAC (Instituto de Agronomia de Campinas) in the city of Campinas, São Paulo. Obatã is a difficult plant to grow, taking around 330 days to reach full maturation. High yielding, leaf-rust resistant — Obatã fulfils the promise of hybrids as a valid direction for the future of specialty coffee.


About the producer: Joao Hamilton is the producer and owner of Sitio Canaa. His coffee is picked by hand, cherry by cherry and it carries his energy and sweetness. While we walked in his plantation, he described his coffee as "chique", which means fancy in Portuguese, we asked him what chique really means to him: "Fancy is to be happy, is happiness. It's nothing expensive, it's a state of mind".


Origin: Brazil, Sitio Canaa

Growing Conditions: 1,340 masl

Variety: Obatã      

Process: Natural


Notes: Juicy coffee with cocoa, sugar cane, walnut and cherry notes. (Direct Trade) (Microlot) 

Obatã by Joao Hamilton, Brazil