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Valdir and Daniela, Brazil

Origin: Brazil, São Paula - Sitio Joaninha

Producer: Valdir and Daniela

Growing Conditions: 1200 - 1300 masl

Variety: Yellow Catucai

Process: Natural


Valdir and his wife Daniela handpicked these cherries at the peak of their ripeness and fermented them on a covered patio for three days before bringing them out to dry in the sun. This extra fermentation in the beginning of the drying process brings forward an extra layer of fruit in the aroma and the flavor.


Their farm is becoming an example of a living farm. Upon arriving at the farm patio, they proudly display the solar panel dishes they invested in last year. Their farm is small, 5 hectares but it is an example of successful and sustainable family farm agriculture.


(Microlot) (Direct Trade)

Valdir and Daniela, Brazil