An unforgettable experience

João Hamilton is a friend of us who owned Sitio Canaã, a specialty coffee farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Last time when we were visiting his farm, João invited us to climb a boulder in the middle of his plantation and surprised us with a delicious fresh coffee, some Brazilian snacks and this awesome view:

When we reached the top of the rock, we could see the Yellow and Red Catuaí and also some Obatã (rare coffee variety) trees. João told us about how important coffee is for him: his father worked with coffee, his bother Ivan has also a coffee farm (Sitio Siriema). And when he changed his traditionally commodity production and adopted a new process, in collaboration with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, in order to improve the quality of his coffee, it changed his and his family live.

His coffee is picked by hand, cherry by cherry and it carries his energy and sweetness. While we walked in his plantation, he described his coffee as "chique", which means "fancy" in Portuguese. We asked him what chique really means to him: "Fancy is to be happy, is happiness. It's nothing expensive, it's a state of mind".

João Hamilton is one of a kind man, and to continue his legacy and spread the high quality Brazilian coffee out, we brought some of his coffee for you guys to enjoy it!

We are sure you'd love it :)